Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Top Film Schools - Perception Is Everything

While you go through the search engines you will see that the internet is full of sites and articles proclaiming the virtues of the top film schools. The thing about film schools you are not aware about is that they do not tell you that the school itself owns the website or is paying an entrepreneur commissions for sending potential students their way. Since these universities are found many times highly regarded, many people find it a bit shocking. Millions are being spent to promote and advertise their film schools which may even let you change your mind about attending if you look a little deeper.

Earlier, movie studios largely relied on training their staff in house for their entertainment manufacturing but now a huge number of film schools and universities have been developed. Also it is said that in those days movies were not considered a form of artistic expression and they were forced out in assembly line fashion. Glamour was definitely not the order of the day and turnover was extremely high.

Studio execs came up with a devious solution to the problem of training costs and high turnover. There is an added bonus for the film schools which seems to be quite the profitable venture as students will compete and pay huge sums happily just to be able to attend. If you are seriously wishing about making big money in Hollywood, you will want to look at the individuals in the industry who are doing the same and train for a similar position. Only the talented individuals in the film world, namely popular actors and film directors are given the million dollars salaries.

All we can say is that the film industry is a business and training for success in the field is best done with a law or business administration degree with a focus on the film industry. So an individual before getting involved in filmmaking thinks of attending film schools.

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